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Grease Trap Treatment Starter Pack

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3 x Small Tablets (⌀50mm x 17mm approx. 55g)
1 x Sachet Shock Powder (approx. 250 g)

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This pack is designed to give your household or business grease trap the ultimate boost and cleansing it needs to start working efficiently.

The following steps will guide you towards a fresh grease free and eco friendly start to your grease trap treatment:

Day 1: Add half the sachet of ‘Shock Powder’ and 1 small tablet.
Day 8 : Add the other half of the ‘Shock Powder’ and another small tablet.
Day 15 : Add the last tablet.

Dosing the products in this way will enable the right aerobic activity to take place and form a good healthy bacterial colony in the grease trap. This triggers the ongoing process of eliminating the grease in the trap and any new grease introduced via the waste and water from the sink.

The product is added directly into the grease trap via the access cap. If this isn’t possible you can achieve similar results by adding via the kitchen sink ‘plughole'. The ‘Shock Powder’ can be added in this manner as can the tablets by breaking into smaller pieces first.

Should you have a food manufacturing business or marine vessel grease trap that would benefit from this treatment, please contact us regarding the size and volume of the grease trap so we can recommended the correct quantities and dosage.

Please note : Dosage may vary due to the size of the grease trap and amount of grease present. Dosage shown is for a standard home grease trap. If you have a restaurant, food manufacturing or yachting/marine requirement please email shelly@eco-tabs.info

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