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Can I flush my “Clean out product” down the toilet as I cannot access my fosse septique?

Yes, you can. We do advise, if you have access, to put the product directly into the fosse septique. However, if you cannot access it we can supply a “Flush Clean-Out” option which is applied into the toilet bowl.

If you have already ordered and the goods have not been shipped yet, please call us and we will change the order at no additional cost.

If the goods have been shipped, we suggest the following: Break the tablets into 4 pieces and flush them down the toilet. Open the sachet of shock and flush down an internal loo.

This method might take a bit longer to clean the fosse, but it will work. It is very important to use the maintenance product to keep your tank clean.

Do I need to take the plastic packing off the product?

No, the plastic is hydro-soluble. Simply add the product as it is into the fosse septique. Be careful when handling the product with wet hands as the plastic will dissolve and the shock will start falling out the packet.

The Zip Lock bag is made from recycled plastic and can itself be recycled or re-used. The Zip Lock back should not be put into the septic tank.

My fosse septique smells as well as the drains in my house. What do I do?

Eco-Tabs products can be applied into the fosse septique and the internal drains. Eco Tabs Shock is great for clearing the pipes of organic build-up.

Organic solids and grease accumulated in the piping and fosse septique create an ideal environment for anaerobic (no oxygen) decomposition or degradation to take place. The smell of rotten eggs (H2S) and methane gas are by-products of this process.

Eco Tabs product will oxygenate the water and thereby eliminate the anaerobic bacterial colonies. The final result of treatment with Eco Tabs is Water, and about 5% odourless gas (O2 and CO2)

So no more whiffy fosse or drains.

Why is it important to treat my fosse septique ecologically?

The effluent from a septic tank leaches out into the soil and then is passed into the rivers. This is a major contributor to ill health, poor water quality and pollution in our world today.

Eco-Tabs not only treat your fosse septique. It continues it’s natural cleaning with the water leaving the tank. This bacterially rich water assists nature in cleaning the streams, rivers, dams and the sea where it flows into. The bacteria then become part of nature’s food chain.

What are the ingredients of Eco-Tabs?

Eco-Tabs are a highly concentrated mixture of naturally occurring Non-Pathogenic bacteria and Non-Toxic ingredients. This is a truly ecological product that actually works! Eco Tabs are therefore not harmful to humans, fish, birds, animal and plant life.

Nature Treating Nature.

See the MSDS Data Sheets below for more info.

Why is there sewage water leaching from the ground?

Oils and greases flushed down your drains (even in small amounts) tend to accumulate within your grease trap and septic tank. Eventually this is forced through to the effluent absorption part of your system which eventually gets clogged up and will result in leaching.

Nearly all “Off the Shelf” products bought today are “Enzymatic” by nature. What this means is they liquefy the organic to re-form a little while later. Therefore, they Liquefy the solids in your tank, and re-solidify in the sand filter or even worse, the stream the water flows into.

Eco Tabs are able, over a few months, to clean the sand filter or garden after your tank. Wherever the water flows, the organic build-up will be degraded.

Which cleaning products are suitable to be used with a fosse septique?

Any ecologically friendly product can be used. The product will come with a statement that they are suitable for a fosse septique. Do not use any products which contain harmful chemicals or are bactericides, i.e. anti-bacterial, when treating with Eco Tabs. If over used, these will kill out natural bacteria rendering the product ineffective.

Manufacturers of cleaning products, normally don’t state on their packaging if it is Eco Friendly or not. The general rule is, if it does not state it is Fosse Septique friendly – then it is not.

Wet wipes are never biodegradable in the short term. They take years to decompose and should not be flushed into the septic tanks system.

Do I need any Safety Clothing or gear to handle Eco Tabs?

Eco Tabs are non-toxic and non-pathogenic; therefore, no special equipment is needed for dosing. All of the ingredients of an Eco Tab are already part of your daily life. (Sodium Bicarbonate, Sugar etc.)

We do however recommend that when you are working close to the Fosse Septique, you take additional care to ensure that you are not exposed to any Safety Risks.

Material Safety Data Sheets





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