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Eco-Tabs provide a complete solution for your septic tank:
A Clean-Out Treatment, Monthly Maintenance and Odour Control.

A highly concentrated naturally occurring bacterial and oxygen treatment is applied to the tank in tablet and powder form. The bacteria eat away the effluent leaving the tank clear and thus removing the need to call out a pump truck. The oxygen facilitates odour removal.
If you cannot access your tank, we have a flushable clean-out option, which is flushed down any internal loo.


Mr Jones, "I cannot praise this product highly enough."

These tablets are flushed down the internal loo to degrade the new arriving effluent. It is best to begin this treatment after the tank has been cleaned out with the Clean-Out treatment.
For a household of 1 or 2 people, 1 tablet to be flushed down the loo every 6 weeks.
For a household of 4 people, 1 tablet flushed down every month.

Mr Hallett, "In almost 2 years since starting with eco-tabs, we have not had any problems. We are also pleased that the product is environmentally friendly"

Our shock treatment is used to remove those pesky odours, which emanate from the tank or internal drains in the house.
Often when a pump out truck has cleaned out the tank, there is residue effluent left behind which very often causes nasty odours. Eco-tabs oxygenate the tank changing it form an anaerobic to an aerobic state, removing that rotten egg smell.
Similar odours from shower drains and kitchen sinks can be treated with Shock/Powder.

Mr Bubb, "The smell had vanished about a fortnight after I started using them ( eco-tabs)."

Click here for a Personalised Treatment Plan.