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Mr Bubb, "Many thanks. I was very pleased with them ( eco-tabs), the smell had vanished about a fortnight after I started using them."

Mr Jones, "It is with the greatest of pleasure that I am sending you this reference in respect of the product you supplied me with, its done a magnificent job. We suffered the most horrendous smells, which originated in the shower area of our ground floor bathroom, a situation that lasted a period of over 5months during which time we used every available cleaning compound we could find without success, employed the services of three different plumbers (2 English 1 French) and on the recommendation of the French plumber had the Fosse cleaned out even though the contractor informed me that it was not necessary. All to no avail the stench remained. It was then that I was lucky enough to come across your product. After seeking your advice and treating the system twice the smell went and has not returned in the last 5 months. I cannot praise this product highly enough and would recommend it to anyone who is experiencing the sort of problems we had. Great product."

Mr Gridley, "I was blown away by the service you provide, brilliant."

Mr and Mrs Hallet, "As an endorsement of your product and service, we would like to say that the product produces the results we wanted. Our fosse functions well with minimum odour and without the need for pumping out. We were particularly keen on this as our property is "land-locked" requiring the use of a neighbours filed to access the fosse. In almost 2 years since we started with eco-tabs, we have not had any problems. We are also please that the product is environmentally friendly, answering another of our initial queries.
Suffice to say, it works, efficiently and well and your service is prompt and without fuss. We are pleased to be able to recommend this to others."

Barbara, Scotland, "I remembered coming across an article in France in The Connexion about a new product for septic tanks, which I had cut out and saved to read at a later date when the removals were over. When my freight arrived I searched for the extract and contact details and got in touch with Shelly and Tim. They were so friendly and very professional in their approach, communicating by phone and by e mail. I submitted both my situation and that of my neighbour: we both completed a questionnaire and received dosage adapted to our individual conditions. The technicalities of the new approach were clearly explained. Our problems were quickly resolved: we are delighted with the product and the company and to no longer need to pay costly charges to have the septic tank emptied. Shelley and Tim have been back in touch at intervals to check on progress and satisfaction-very reassuring.
Eco tabs are economical, environmentally friendly and effective: I thoroughly recommend them. "

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