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Large Tank Clean-Out Pack, Odour Treatment plus Maintenance Tablets

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3 x Large Tablets (72mm x 18mm approx.125g )
3 x Sachet Shock Powder (approx. 250 g)
6 or 12 x Small Tablets (50mm x 17mm approx. 55g)

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206,40 € tax incl.

  • 6 Tablets
  • 12 Tablets

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This pack is ideal for you if your tank (greater than 3m3/3000 litres) has not been cleaned out within the last year and you have access to your tank. This package replaces the need to call a pump out truck as the product degrades the old effluent in the tank.

Dose 2 large tablets and shock/powder directly into the tank on Day one. The third tablet and second bag of shock on Day 8. A month later the tank should be clear and you can begin the maintenance treatment.

The Eco -Tabs Maintenance tablets will degrade the new arriving effluent and therefore maintain a clean system and healthy Septic Tank. Flush 1 small tablet (on day 30) per month down the internal loo if there are up to 4 people in the house. Flush 2 small tabs for 8 people in the house. If you are only 2 in the house, then 1 tablet every 6 weeks is sufficient. The pack comes in 6 tablets or 12 tablets options.

Included in this package is shock/powder which treats internal whiffy drains. The Shock can be used in the kitchen sink, shower drains and wash basins.

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