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Flushable Booster Pack, Odour Treatment plus Maintenance tablets

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3 x Small Tablets (50mm x 17mm approx. 55g) for Boost
2 x Sachet Shock Powder (approx. 250 g)
6 or 12 x Small Tablets (50mm x 17mm approx. 55g)

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123,60 € tax incl.

  • 6 Tablets
  • 12 Tablets

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This pack is ideal for you if your tank has been cleaned out within the last year and you do not have access to your tank. It will kick start the aerobic bacteria in your tank by providing Oxygen and in so doing getting the tank running efficiently.

Flush 2 small tablets and shock/powder down any internal loo on Day one. Another small tablet on day 8. A month later you can start the maintenance treatment.

The Eco -Tabs Maintenance tablets will degrade the new arriving effluent and therefore maintain a clean system and healthy Septic Tank. Flush 1 small tablet (on day 30) per month down the internal loo if there are up to 4 people in the house. Flush 2 small tabs for 8 people in the house. If you are only 2 in the house, then 1 tablet every 6 weeks is sufficient. The pack comes in 6 tablets or 12 tablets options.

Included in this package is shock/powder which treats internal whiffy drains. The Shock can be used in the kitchen sink, shower drains and wash basins.

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